Carpet and Rug Care Tips

If you want to extend the life of your carpet it will ultimately depend on the quality of care it receives over its useful life.Proper cleaning techniques are the way forward to improve carpet life and keep any warranties entact.

It’s actually much easier than you might expect to clean your carpet as thouroughly as required and to the proper requirements. It requires a small amount of know how, cleaning products and methodology to clean your carpets. If you are interested to know the exact cleaning requirments for your carpet the CRI Seal of Approval Program can aid you in selection of the best solutions for cleaning carpet, negating damage to your carpet or the environment.

Cleaning Requirements

The four steps for carpet cleaning

Get into the routine of deploying the best cleaning regimes for carpet longevity and best results. Again refering to the CRI’s approval program will ensure correct product selection. The four steps for upkeeping your carpet:

Vacuum often in hallways and other areas where human or pet traffic is highest, and employ a vacuuming schedule, using an approved vacuum can help also.

Clean any accidental spills etc with products that will not harm the carpet and ensuring the carpet backing is not water logged or damaged by harsh chemicals.

Professional deep clean carpets every 12 months approximately, to remove embedded dirt and soiling.

Stop dirt transfer from outside by using mats on both sides of the threshold, remove shoes on entering the house. Ensure pets are able to be contained and have paws washed before entering the house, especially larger dogs.

Rug Care

Rugs can be fairly old in some cases and certain rugs may require delicate care and attention to prolong longevity and slow or prevent fading patterns.

How to wash rugs – When you have a small rug, it could be machine washable, so do check the label, if it is machine washable, simply shake out the rug and then place in the washing machine, being careful to check the temperature requirements and use a mild washing liquid.
It is also possiblt to use a tumble drier to dry, or simply hang over the backs between two chairs to help keep shape.

How to beat a large rug – if the rug is ok to wet clean, it is possible to firstly beat the rug over a clothesline and then later hoover wet and dry on the floor to lift out embedded dirt etc.
If the rug is dry clean only, it would require to be rolled and taken to a specialist rug cleaner for dry cleaning, many dry cleaners do not accept rugs, so do some research first and call or email the cleaners first.

When vacuuming rugs with tassled fringes – Often called Area Rugs, due to the tassled ends, it may be reuired that you use a certain technique or to not use a certain type of vacuum cleaner due to potential for the tassled fringes to be damaged. Use gentle suction working from the center of the rug and work outwards. If using a rotary upright vacuum cleaner, you must be careful to not catch the tassled fringes in the rotating brush bar, which will tear out the fringes and damage the rug. Only use a non rotary suction vacuum cleaner on a medium suction strength.

Afghan, Turkish, Oriental etc rugs — Clean imported rugs according to the manufacturer’s requirements or request a professional cleaning service. For genuine traditional rugs, you will need to hire a professional cleaner.

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